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QA & QC Policy is the ruler that states the targets in relation with the Company internal requirements (continuous improvement, profit maximization and unnecessary waste reduction), as well in relation with the external ones (Client satisfaction, performances improvement).
The Management, within the said view and in order to reach the planned targets, recognizes the exigency to use and to maintain a QA & QC System for the planning and monitoring of those processes having certain influence on Quality results. The HIDROCHEM, by the Quality System, strongly desire to realize the main goal; which is to provide a service that complies with Client’s requirement till his entire satisfaction, to be in schedule and using the critical path’s identification for the continuous improvement of the quality system in order to grant a positive introduction in the related Market. Verification on the reached goals, is done by the management of the related System’s indicators as function of the realized targets and of those to be realized in the future. The management strongly want assure that the Quality Policy.

  1. Shall comply with Organization’s requirement and objectives;
  2. Shall maintain the organization to re-examine and to verify periodically the expected targeting and adopting preventive measures in order to correct possible deviations from the Quality System;
  3. Shall ascertain the soundness of the communication in order to have a proper control on the effectiveness up dating with the Organization Internal Functions.

Hidrochem is a company certificated UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 for: hydrodynamic and chemical washings, dehydration mud, decontamination of reservoirs industrial apparatuses and areas in surfaces.