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HIDROCHEM represents the evolution of specialist and professional itinerary developed during the past 15 years. Advanced systems and sophisticated technologies together with management expertise, have made Hidrochem as leader in high pressure hydrodynamics.

Established in 2001, HIDROCHEM evolved from Edilimpianti, that is a distinguished company specialized in the same field of activities and well know in the most important Oil & Gas Industries all over Italy. Edilimpianti experiences progressed in all sectors of industrial maintenance.

Over the years activities have spanned from engineering to Chemical and Hydrodynamic Washing and Cleaning with continuous techniques and equipment upgrading.
The Edilimpianti flexibility heritage is today one of the main tool used by Hidrochem to quickly accomplish all tasks and duties related to plant maintenance, keeping in mind the final target of the project, from a quality, time and economical point of view.

According to HIDROCHEM’s standards, for what is concerning safety and environment, the solution applied to each intervention will take care to avoid any possible negative consequences for the World Eco System.