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Hidrochem is also specialized in the cold cutting technology and process.
By means of particular mixing nozzles cold cutting can be performed in all most of materials, such carbon steel & stainless steel, alloys and refractory, reinforced concrete.

This process have been used extensively in Refineries and Fuel Storage TRanks, where the high dangers of explosion due to the presence of flammable product has made it necessary to avoid the use of heat producing sources such Oxyacetylene Flame Cutting, Electrical Arc Cutting, ehich require special set up for the safety precaution, onerous upon the cost of maintenance.

Customer draw great advantages from the application of this technique. As a matter of fats, the high precision of cut does not require any additional mechanical operation for the restoring the structure, thus yielding great saving. Numerical control automation for handling and monitoring the cutting nuzzles makes absolutely safe the system for the operator in order to allow them to work from under safe conditions. Up to now this application have been done in various and several interventions: opening of man hole on the tank’s side wall to gaining better access during the decontamination procedure, where the existence of flammable elements does not allow the use of flames for cutting.

Another specific application of the cold cutting is the demolition of reinforced concrete structure, specially where it is crucial the use of pneumatic jack hammer due to the high vibration caused by this that influences negatively the stability of the entire structure.