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Hidrochem is one of the few efficent companies in the filed of industrial chemical washing, operatine in the italian territory. Hidrochem state of arts and equipement is the basic formula for the removal and disposal of encrustation and corrosion from pipelines, heat exchangers, boilers, chimney stacks and machinery not easily accessible by mean of traditional mechanical or hydrodynamic system.

Our in-depth knowledge in this field, allow us to treat the removal of the most varied substances, preserving always the basic original material, by the use of suitable corrosion inhibitors.
Hidrochem has carried out many interventions on pipeline, by section of 4 km length and over 200 cubic meter; special intervention have been made on boilers with the combustion chamber tallness of 60 m and chimney stack of 300 m height.
Hidrochem performs rigorous controls by advanced instrumentation, on the washing solution (PH) and related parameters of concentration, in order to avoid any possible damage for the treated metals.

Hidrochem standards includes the issue of detailed reports for the Client, in order to provide a detailed picture of the performance.
Hidrochem can achieve a distinguished amount of works, because of the specialized equipement and machinery that produce a proficient combination of advantages due to the reciprocating effects of both chemical & high pressure hydrodynamics technology. We are proud to say that today Hidrochem is the only firm in the sector that posses nationally this technology.
The tangible advantages are massive, both from the time of execution and quality point of view.
Hidrochem policy results can be seen in the competitiveness on the costs, which is always kept in due evidence before to elaborate any estimate for new projects.